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How our CoWERKing locations work for you

Here at WERKS, we have a total of ten locations across Brighton, Hove, and Lewes with four of those buildings offering coworking; the hot desk approach to office work. When it comes to coworking no day is the same - your desk, the people, the playlist, and the biscuit selection will change from one day to the other. But what about the factors that don't change within our various spaces? And what if you could pinpoint which of our four locations would be best for you?

Well, let's do it!

Each location costs the same amount - £10 for a full day, £5 for a half day, and there are also some deals and offers available on bundles. At each of our locations, you can do a trial day with us free of charge, and every building has super-quick internet speed. The key differences however are factors such as location, catering options, interior design, general 'vibes' and how busy the space tends to be.

Here's the round-up of each of these spaces.

Middle Street, Brighton 'Werks Central'

Tucked away in the South Lanes, this coworking space has a café, a bar, and an outdoor space. It is both vibrant and modern and attracts musicians and creative minds alike. There are studios downstairs, a hip and young vibe throughout, funky tunes blanketing the space and 9-5 access Monday - Friday.

Suppliers: Murmuration Coffee, Bird & Blend Tea

Here you will find Meg, Chloe, Lauren, Travis, and Ed.

Top Tip - Look out for our weekly events held in The Green Room within South Lanes Studios.

Old Steine, Brighton 'Pier Werks'

With Brighton Pier in site, this quaint coworking space has a wholesome café within a bright and airy space. It is a calm and peaceful place to work from, being that it is intimate but not too busy. A real highlight is the beautiful big window that allows people watching on breaks! 9-5 access Monday - Friday.

Suppliers: Murmuration Coffee, Bird & Blend Tea

Here you will find Louise and Frankie.

Top Tip - You're just a 7-minute walk from our Grand Parade site - why not pick up something delicious from Oui Crêperie on your break?

Church Road, Hove 'The Werks'

This is our original WERKS; located opposite St John The Baptist Church. We don't have a café or bar here but there is a communal kitchen (and I often bring in biscuits!). There is a close knit family vibe within the entire building and anyone that comes to work here will end up having a natter. It's vibrant and inviting with 2 small Skype booths available to use at no extra charge. 9-5 access Monday-Friday.

Here you will find Mollie and Laura.

Top Tip - Make sure you pick up a coffee from Flat Out which is about 5 doors down - the best coffee in town using the same roaster as our beans at Middle Street.

Fisher Street, Lewes 'NetWerks'

Based in the rural town of Lewes this prestigious building is home to the very popular 'The Sip Café'. The space is bright and airy, with a bubbly team and local artistry on the walls. Here we have 1 small Skype booth and 9-4 access Monday-Friday.

Here you will find: Danny, Louise and The Sip Team café.

Top Tip: Enjoy a lemon iced tea from the café in the sun.


Interview with Church Road Coworking client Nicolas Leon Tatarowicz:

What is the nature of your work? I am a writer. Sometimes I write scripts. Sometimes I write copy. More often I write nothing and walk around drinking coffee I can't afford.

What do you personally find to be the most beneficial aspect of co-working?

I like it for the company (even if I don't speak to anyone that day) and for the clear demarcation between being in an office and being in my pants.

How would you describe the WERKS experience? Relaxed, affordable and extremely comforting on a visceral level.

Have you done much networking within the WERKS community? A little bit, but I hope to do more whether it be professionally or very unprofessionally, by which I mean, in the pub.

What sets WERKS aside from other coworking spaces for you? It is super good value, I can walk to it, it is not at all pretentious and is just about quiet enough to concentrate apart from when Mollie is being naughty and trying to become a rock star.

Our motto is Produce, Create, Collaborate... Tell us about a project you have worked on at WERKS which has allowed you to do any or all of these three things.

Well, I'm quite new, but I have got work done in the last few weeks that I would not have done as well if I had tried to do it in a café, or in those pants of mine that I keep mentioning.

Do you contribute to the local community and if so, how?

I will soon be busking and singing in pubs locally, but for now, I am just walking about being chirpy and loving how friendly Hove is.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Lastly, I would like you to leave us with your favourite inspirational quote or life hack.

Take it easy, but take it.

Written by: Mollie Buckley at WERKS

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