This week, we caught up with Laura, our part-time receptionist over at The Werks in Hove. She has an upcoming art exhibition which will be held at our Werks Central building. It was great to discuss this further and find out exactly what her exhibition will involve.

So, where did “The fun side of the moon” come from?

A few years ago, whenever I was struggling there were two things that I always went to for inspiration – Drawing and Pink Floyd.  These 2 things provided a fantastic breakaway and helped me to stay resilient. 

In 2014, I was working on a painting of a small landscape inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”. As part of this, I put a moon with a bowler hat on into the scenario – just as Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse” was playing. As the lyrics “There is no dark side of the moon” played out, I thought about how much I enjoyed Art and how much this album helped me. From this, I decided to name my creative studio “The fun side of the moon”.  

Desert landscape artwork

What is your art practice?

Here at “The fun side of the moon”, I explore how creativity can help to improve life. This practice is based on Jungian’s Approach and Alexander Lowen Bio-energetic theory to understand the role of images into human development. I use meditation to dive into my imagination, helping to stay creative and deal with any day to day challenges. 

From 2016 to 2018, I collaborated with Westminster Kingsway College in London to support people in long term unemployment get back into work. I developed a programme called Creative Identity – The Art of Entrepreneurship to inspire my learners on embracing creative skills to help with their entrepreneurial journey. This year I have published a programme called Creativable – Thinking inside the box. The book helps the reader to develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence through creative activities. The programmes are available on my website

Evening Grass landscape artwork

So, what is coming up for you?

I have an upcoming exhibition at Werks Central! I am extremely fascinated by dreams and for me, art is a gateway to dream land. A lot of my paintings are related to my dreams and I often find myself wondering, sometimes for too long – what is real and what is imagined. 

Because of this, I have been working with Big Egg Films to produce a short film where we try to answer this question. We do this by using the archetypes of Royals and we believe we may have the answer! This film will be presented in the evening of my private viewing. Join me for this one day exhibition to support emotional education and help me to spread the message that the revolution begins within yourself.

My exhibition will be held at Werks Central, 15-17 Middle Street and is free of charge. All sales will be entirely donated with 50% going to “Extinction Rebellion” and 50% going to “Doctors without Borders“. I’d love to see you there!

Be sure to check out her website and keep an eye on her Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram pages for regular updates of what she is up to!