This has been an extraordinary time which has seen offices being asked to close and employees to work from home where possible. Because of this, we have had to put in many different measures to prepare to return to work.

Although the workplace is unlikely to return to the way it was in the short term, we are aware that some will need to come back and work in offices and desk spaces for a number of different reasons. These reasons include:

– Being unable to work at home

– Needing to interact with colleagues to set out work tasks

– To use specialist technologies or machinery which is too large to use at home

The Government guidelines have changed from stay at home to stay alert and the new guidelines say that those who cannot work at home are being allowed to return to the workplace. For those considering returning to work we have set out the following guidelines and commitments.

To ensure the Werks Group buildings are as safe as possible we are committed to:

– Provide hand sanitiser at each building entrance and tea points.

– Social distancing throughout buildings

– Frequent cleaning and sanitising of all surfaces which have high usage (door handles, handrails, kitchen counters and surfaces in communal areas including toilets.

– Paper towels to open the doors as you leave the toilet and a bin outside of the toilet to dispose of the used paper towels.

– Restrict occupants in any of our lifts to one person at a time.

– Either keep café areas closed or use an ordering and delivery service to office clients (as appropriate)

To keep staff safe whilst in offices we advise considering the following regarding office spaces:

– Looking at reduced hours for staff

– Consider staggered start times for staff

– Reducing the number of staff in your office space to maintain social distancing rules

– Be responsible for regularly cleaning your office space

– Consider investing in perspex screens

– Have hand sanitizer available in your office

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