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Brighton Spotlight: Fatto a Mano for National Pizza Day

Probably the best day of the year... aka National Pizza Day! Local pizza pioneers Fatto a Mano have joined us on this special day as our guests for February's Brighton Spotlight!

1) Fatto a Mano - Happy National Pizza Day! Can you describe to us what Pizza and Italian foods mean to you?

We describe it as “Pizza in my Blood” – for Neapolitans pizza is a way of life! For us at Fatto a Mano, food is all about great quality ingredients, team, and community.

2) Tell us more about you! How long has Fatto a Mano been established and how many restaurants do you have in total?

We first opened in London Road in 2015! Our pizzeria there has just had a refresh and is relaunching today on National Pizza Day! We now have 3 in Brighton and Hove, and we are in Boxpark Croydon and Boxpark Shoreditch.

3) What is the most popular pizza on your menu - does this change often or is there always a staple classic?

Margherita! Keep it simple.

4) Where do your chefs look to find inspiration when developing new menus?

Our Head of Food is inspired by Italian food traditions (from South to North) and in some cases even other types of European cuisine.

5) How was Fatto a Mano affected by the Coronavirus? Tell us how you adapted and if you saw an influx of takeaway orders during the lockdown?

Before lockdown we had never done delivery, so that was a steep learning curve but it was an amazing response that we had from our customers and it was brilliant that we were able to keep serving pizzas throughout all the lockdowns.

6) What is the top dessert and/or gelato you would recommend for people to try on their next visit to Fatto a Mano?


7) How can people sign up and what are the benefits of joining the Fatto a Mano mailing list?

Sign up for our newsletter to find out about our regular Pizza Specials, exciting competitions, our charity partners, and new openings! - Sign up here

8) Is there anything exciting you are able to share with us for the future of Fatto a Mano?

We are opening our first full site in London this year – Brighton will always be our home and we are really excited to be bringing our pizzas to more people.

Fatto A Mano


Huge thanks to Fatto a Mano for their time.

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