We caught up with Adam Sheldon, director of “Big Egg Films” for a coffee to discuss what they’ve been up to lately and find out about the fantastic deal that they are offering to all Werks Group clients. Big Egg Films are based over at The Werks, our building on Church Road in Hove and have been with us for 3 years! 

First things first, where did the company name “Big Egg Films” come from?

I get asked this a lot… I really should have a better answer! I don’t really know! My friends who set the company up thought of it, (they are both much funnier people than me) and for some reason it’s always made me laugh. I’ve always loved eggs, and the bigger the better I suppose! 

What have you guys been working on recently?

We’ve been very busy at Big Egg recently, and I have found myself in some random places! We’ve been filming Brighton’s very own Fat Boy Slim which has been amazing, we’ve been working at both the universities in Brighton and this week I found myself underneath a watering can, on the sea front, full of very cold water for a test shot. 

That all sounds great but why were you getting a watering can poured on you?!

We’ve been doing some test shots for a short film we’re donating to BHT (Brighton Housing Trust– a homeless charity in Brighton) and their ‘First Base Day Centre’. First base offer vital services to our local homeless community including offering Food, Case Work Support so people can address the problems causing them to be homeless, health care (both physical and mental health) and accommodation and relocation services. To find out how to help them you can click here.

As part of this, I somehow got talked into having cold water poured down on me out of a watering can, to replicate heavy rain.  Although this test shoot was much fun (you can watched me getting completely soaked below), sitting on that cold wet floor for barely five minutes, really hits home the horrendous conditions homeless people have to endure in our City.

Replicating heavy rain with a watering can!

What’s Coming up next for Big Egg?

We’ve just launched three new services!! (Alongside our usual full service video production work)

Firstly, we have a new ‘Animation and Motion graphics offer’. We’ve been doing this unofficially for our clients for a while now but due to popular demand, we are now officially launching this! Check out exactly what this includes in the video below.

Big Egg Films now offer animations!

Secondly, we have launched our new ‘Video Hosting Service’. This service allows our costumers to actually add particular call to action buttons to their videos, see the metrics of how well the videos are doing and much more – it’s all very exciting!

Lastly, we now offer ‘Behind the scenes’ videos. We’ve found this extra content has been very popular with our clients on social media. The film set is always an exciting place, so to get BTS videos of this happening, really lets our clients costumers see a sneak peek of the culture and people that they will be potentially working with.

We are delighted to be able to offer any Werks Group clients 10% off their next video campaign before the 30th November 2019. To make the most of this offer, please contact adam@bigeggfilms.com. Equally, we will offer a free video consultation meeting within this time period for the first ten enquiries.

Be sure to check out some of their amazing work on their website and keep an eye on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for regular updates of what they are up too!