In December 2017, we had the pleasure of showing a great team with an amazing business model around our buildings, helping them find the perfect space to grow.

The company was Simpplr. You may of heard of these guys – they’re currently changing the game with their innovative employee community platform, intranet software that focuses on productivity and engagement. (Check out this video explaining what they do in under a minute!)

The team moved into their new space within the month and got themselves settled. Since then, they’ve grown an enormous amount and a bigger space was needed, luckily we had the perfect one…

Fast forward to June 2018, Simpplr have moved into our largest office over at Werks Central. Bright, spacious, modern – the room is the perfect reflection of the guys and what they do. They love it, and we love having them here. We had a quick chat with Paula to get the low down…

Hi Paula, can you tell us what Simpplr is?

Simpplr is a modern employee intranet that improves company communication, employee engagement and workplace productivity. Simpplr helps companies maintain a healthy company culture and better enables distributed teams to stay connected, creating a win-win for both organizations and employees.

A BBQ celebration for their brand new expanded space

We’re really glad to have you on-board. What’s your journey with us been like so far?

We joined The Werks Group last year and have continued to expand within. It all started with a small suite at Yacht Werks, followed by an additional suite and now we’ve just moved into our new office at Werks Central. With the help of The Werks Group, we have redesigned this space ourselves to make it a unique place to work at.

If you could describe Simpplr in 3 words, what would they be?

Communication – work – fun; we have offices in the USA and India, so we communicate with them on a daily basis. Even though we work really hard, we always find time to have some fun – starting from weekly team lunches to such activities as trampoline jumping, go karting or laser tag.

Hot dogs all around