During this strange time, our Yacht Werks client “L.O.M Fashion” have began making & selling fitted face masks. We thought that this was an incredible idea so had a catch up with director, Louise O’Mahony to find out some more information on the initiative.

“We at L.O.M Fashion make festival/club/rave wear and had planned to bring out our fitted face masks this summer due to lots of festival goers, especially in America choosing to wear decorative dust masks. We decided to bring this release date forward due to the extremely high demand for face masks at the moment – and what self respecting fashionista wants to be seen walking round in a surgical mask! (also, please leave those masks for the medical professionals)

My brother and sister in law went on honeymoon to Vietnam in early February and Corona virus was becoming a worry – so they asked me to make them a couple. I used some scrap fabric from our studio, and they looked great! I posted a picture on our Instagram and lots of people wanted to buy them. I made sure to clearly state that these are not medical masks, and are used for preventative measures only, also people who don’t need them should not be buying medical masks.

At first there was a LOT of controversy about me selling them, a lot of people saying I should take them down, and it was poor taste to make fashionable masks. I figured that wearing masks was going to become the new norm, and I know that my followers love colourful, pretty versions of boring conventional things. I had to deal with a lot of criticism on social media, and I nearly stopped selling them, but then so many people were buying them and telling me how happy it made them to be able to protect themselves with something beautifully made and colourful when they go to the shops, or get on public transport – and how many complements they get for them.

LOM Fashion

Initially we were using scraps of fabrics from the studio, but we used it all up, and now I buy fabric specially to make these masks with. They are available in a variety of prints that I designed from our bestselling collections, and printed onto high quality cotton sateen by one of the best printers in the UK. They are fully lined with cotton fabric and have elastic straps that go around the head. They are washable and reusable, and fabulous!

£1 from the sale of every mask will be donated to Rise – One of Brighton’s independent charities that helps victims of domestic abuse. I have chosen a local charity rather than a national one so that the funds can go directly into services at this critical time.”

*We are selling these masks during a virus spread because people want to wear masks during the outbreak, and they can’t get hold of them. Standard masks like this one stop you from touching your face, avoiding getting germs directly into your mouth and nose. Medical grade face masks are needed when you are in regular contact with someone with the virus, and should be kept for these people, who need them most. These masks are not medical grade.

Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages.