Away for a conference about his daughters rare genetic condition M D Ian Elwick visited the Botonic Gardens in Edinburgh where they were in a state of huge excitement and told us to come back at 10pm to see the brief and sometimes only flowering of a huge lily. It’s Latin name Amorphophallus Arum Lily. Rough translation is giant rotting penus lily. When we got there it had grown to over 3.5m in only a few days and started to open to attract pollinators just for a few hours. Usually these would be insects in the Sumatran jungle. It really stunk badly but hundreds of people were qeueing like a flash mob and going past 2-3 times. After midnight they were going to cut a hole in it to expose this male pollen to a female version that they had flown up from the Eden Centre Cornwall – the only other place with one in the UK. After a few weeks giant red berries over 50mm dia would grow at the bottom for propagation. What timing! We were only there at that moment!