We recently spoke with one of Karma’s four co-founders, the CEO Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren. Karma is a global food sustainability app that have recently launched in Brighton. They are now working with restaurants and cafes across Brighton to reduce food waste in the local area.

What inspired you to launch Karma?

We’re four founders with a very diverse knowledge and we knew that together we could apply this diversity and our knowledge of previously building successful businesses to create something with real value and purpose. Looking into the issue of food waste and researching it’s global environmental impact, we felt compelled to innovate within this space. We wanted to create a sustainable business that made a positive impact on society. That’s where we got the motivation and focus to create the Karma you now see today!

KarmaKarma – The zero food waste app!

Tell us a little about Karma’s vision, and how it works?

Karma’s vision is to create the first zero food waste generation and our mission is to eliminate food waste across the entire food chain. We are passionate about building the best solution to make sure food is never wasted. Our app is an online marketplace for restaurants, cafes and grocery stores to sell their surplus food at half price, directly to consumers. On top of that, with every meal sold, Karma gets smarter at helping to predict food waste so it doesn’t occur in the first place. This ensures people rescue unsold food before it is wasted and ends up in the landfill.

Since launching the startup in Sweden in 2016, Karma now has more than 800,000 users and help over 5,200 local restaurants, cafes, delis, and other independent food retailers across Sweden, London and Paris and now Brighton.

Karma foundersKarma founders – Hjalmar, Elsa, Ludvig & Mattis

The need for such innovations is clearly there, so to what extent do you feel startup companies are taking a gamble on eco-driven initiatives?

Starting any business is a gamble. However, we know that if we do nothing the problem will only get worse. So we have to try! Rescuing 725 tonnes of food so far is just the beginning for us, and with your support we hope to save even more food in the Brighton area!

What can Werks Group clients do to help support the mission?

We are so excited to be in Brighton, and thankful for your support in helping us grow. Please try Karma out, and refer your friends and family too, as it will really help us to achieve our vision! To get started on Karma, we’d like to offer all Werks Group clients £5 credit, so you can get your first meal free. Just add the credit using code “karmawerks” in your app profile. Thanks so much, and happy rescuing!

Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages as well as their website for more information on the app!