We recently sat down and had a chat with John-David Henshaw of Sweet Venues about the upcoming “Brighton Horrorfest”. Based at our Werks Central building, Brighton Horrorfest is set to begin next week & we found out more about what to expect from their jam-packed schedule.

So, what exactly is Brighton Horrorfest?

Ah, now, exactly is a tough question… The big answer is that Brighton HorrorFest is a celebration of theatre and performance that is all coming from that exciting place we call Horror. What that actually means? It’s pretty broad! We’ve got comedy, burlesque, theatre, music, family workshops, talks, and everything in between and beyond! Horror is a pretty broad church – we’re not just looking for gore or jump scares, but thoughtful work, silly fun, new ideas, and old favourites. Although we’re not saying no to a few jump scares…

Is there a specific show in particular that you are looking forward to and why?

I honestly can’t begin to choose between all the shows we’ve got coming to the festival. Hmm…perhaps we should lock them all in one theatre with a series of increasingly complicated death traps to escape from and see who comes out at the end? Probably been done before… What I will say is that we’ve got something for everyone – with interactive VR experiences, Victorian séances, gory burlesque, brand new theatre, physical workshops, talks on infamous murderers and haunted places, adaptations of classic chillers, steampunk beats, and even more!

The SignalmanThe Signalman – 19th & 20th October

What are the plans for the future – can we expect to see more?

There’s always more! This is Brighton HorrorFest’s fourth year, and the programme is bigger every time we come back! We’re also lucky enough to operate year-round at all our sites, presenting new work and old favourites, On top of this, we have a brand new workshop programme for the start of 2020 where anyone can explore their creative side with a stack of differently themed events from amazing theatre and performance creatives. We will of course be back for our annual foray into Brighton Fringe, bringing work from across the UK and the world to Sweet Venues! After that it’ll be time for HorrorFest all over again…

Other Realm - VenerationThe Other Realm: Veneration – 23rd October

How does Werks Central work as a venue for you guys?

Being at Werks Central is simply a joy. The team there are hugely supportive of everything we do, welcoming to our team, our artists, and our audiences. Having our theatres there truly does feel like being at home. A total madhouse of a home where anything is possible, but that seems the best home of all to me.

To check out the show schedule and book tickets now, check out Sweet Venues website and keep an eye on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for regular updates!