Last Thursday was the much celebrated 25 year mark for us – we decided that it was the perfect opportunity to do something to salute our clients and all that they do. After all, we do have some amazing people in our buildings, and it fills us with pride to see them doing such amazing things.

After some struggles with the balloon blowing, a few back and forth trips (that may have included lots of prosecco) we managed to pull off a wonderful night. We thank everybody who came, everybody who loved our space that we put so much heart and soul into, and of course, every last person in the community we have managed to build over the past years.
If we could, we’d give all of our clients an award. We love seeing all the fantastic projects and ideas people are coming out with, but we decided it was best to narrow it down to three winners:
Not For Profit – Ditch The Label
One of the largest anti-bullying charities in the world, working endlessly to end bullying and to support young people aged 12-25.
Digital Business – Ithaca
An award winning creative audio visual studio and production hub working across TV and radio advertising, film and live events. Ithaca make music, design sounds, remix video and design and build interactive sound and light installations.
Creator/Maker – Jon Dawes, Liquidstructures
Based at Printwerks
Jon is an artist trained as a goldsmith and setter – he designs and makes bespoke pieces for individuals, gallery masters and shops in the trade that want unique ranges. From fine jewellery to sculptures, Jon uses a wide range of materials from precious metals, wood, stone, resins and more. 
Last but not least, we’d like to thank our sponsor, Audinate – Lisa and Kieran were a huge help in making the night a success, and we’re so very appreciative for all of the help and support they have put in!
Here’s hoping the next event and all that follow it are as wonderful as our opening event was! Thanks again to everybody involved in the making of Cafewerks, we couldn’t have done it without you.