Werks Central had the pleasure of hosting a Q&A session with Caroline Lucas this week in our brand new café and events space on Middle Street. Here is a little summary of one of the many points she made during our conversation.


“At the very least we should have a fund to support smaller businesses who are suddenly facing a hike in business rates. That’s certainly the case with some of the leisure facilities; The Pier for example is suddenly going to have its business rates increased by about 17%.

Yes I want to see an increase in corporation tax but not for the smaller businesses, I think bigger businesses should be paying more so the smaller businesses can pay less.

I think we need to have a legislative framework, which catches up with the fact that the world of work now is very different from the 20th century world of work.

In other words people are setting up businesses just with a mobile phone, and quite a lot of the legislation just doesn’t quite catch up with the idea that people’s business, lives and work, look very different from the kind of 9 to 5, employer, employee type static structure.

I think that there is a lot of excitement about more innovative and pioneering ways of working but the legal structures that we have to go alongside that need to catch up with it. The green party has long been calling for maternity pay and sickness pay, all of those things for the self-employed, just as you get for an employee. That’s just one example of the way we need to have a catch up and recognise that so many people now are either self employed or in very small businesses.”

We heard a few ‘hear hear’s in the crowd at this point. Werks Group host a number of offices filled with self employed people and small businesses and with a growing number of people using our new co-working space at Café Werks, we are sure some of our members would be pleased to hear this being raised first.


Caroline went on to discuss issues to do with Brexit, climate change and the legislations that surround it, funding for schools as well as housing prices and the state of emergency accommodation available.

All in all a very insightful talk and we are thankful to her for taking the time to listen to our views and respond to them so eloquently.

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