The Werks Group provides supportive environments for creative companies and individuals to succeed. Places where you will enjoy working and thrive alongside other creatives doing amazing things.
You can be sure that we have the right space for you from drop-in digital coworkers and makers to larger creative companies; and from social enterprises to designers, geeks and artists.
We have space at the right price to get you started and for you to grow: flexible space to enable rapid change when you need it, but also with the stability you need, because we take the risk out of moving and managing workspace.
We have been working on this for over 20 years so we think we know what is good value and what works best. As well as workspace we provide support when you need it from creative business planning, to access to markets, work sharing and routes to finance.
Each of our locations work hard to develop an internal creative community sharing ideas and work opportunities, supported by supportive events, networks and showcasing.

This is why a move to a Werks space is part of your creative evolution.TEAM2



Since March 2014 we have re-structured to bring together a great team of managers and tech specialists to provide the best chance of success when you are located with Werkshop. Read about our skilled team below.

For more about our creative support specialists go to EBP (url link).

Ian Elwick CEO

I do this job because I love making a difference to the working lives of creative people so that together we can help the sector to grow and develop.
I am a designer by training and experience, so now I use design thinking to structure what we do and apply this when I act as a consultant to other creative companies. (EBP – link): See a full cv on the EBP website.
I first set up the organisation in 1992 as Brighton Media Centre (BMC) as the first digital hub anywhere. It was a pioneer and by 1998 we had won an award from the government for ‘Regeneration Through Partnership’. By 2000 over 500 creative businesses had come through the hub and in 2002 I left to work as a creative consultant.
I came back to my love of direct action and set up The Werks in Hove in 2007 as the first Coworking Centre south of London. In 2014 we were able to bring Werkshop and BMC together and start to bring scale to the supportive work we do.

Martin Bouette CCO: Chief Creative Officer

I am a designer and researcher so I am passionate about creative entrepreneurship which was the topic for my PhD. Since 2005 I have set up dozens of courses for creative entrepreneurs which culminated in 2009 in my founding the first creative MBA in the UK at UCA. (url here). In 2012 I set up EBP (url) with Ian to offer support for creative and carry out creative research.
Since joining Werkshop as a director in 2014 I have been able to help the organisation by developing creative support programmes (see CSK url) and helping to pursue funding for new venues (EBP ‘Workhouse’ link).

Helen Katsouris: General Manager

I seem to have become our internal hub: the go-to person for all the things that we do so that your business doesn’t have to worry over the detail. From accounts and management through to fire safety, HR and risk assessment I am the one responsible for an amazing variety of decisions and regulations compliance. From supporting the organisation through some difficult times, we have come through and are now poised to fulfill an ambitious investment programme.
My qualifications in business management and my background in catering, events and running other small businesses ensures that I always know what to do and when to do it.
I am also fluent in Greek: a great advantage when I am under pressure as I can sound off and no-one knows what I am saying!

Tracey Davidson: Sales and Marketing Manager

Like many of my colleagues, my career began in the creative sector.  Mine was in music marketing & PR, working for the Universal Music Group with such artists as Jay Z, LL Cool J, All Saints, Fine Young Cannibals, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page and many many more.  I then transitioned into real estate, back in my home town New York City, assisting clients to find their perfect homes. My current role at The Werks Group as Sales & Marketing Manager is to help you find what space or service we can offer for you and your business. I pride myself in being able to explain clearly who we are, what we do and how we can tailor fit your specific requirements.

Tina Sutcliffe: Events and Facilities Manager

I run events, meeting facilities, our virtual office and the studio facilities at Werks Central in Middle Street. My creative degree and my background in the film industry and as a production manager at South Africa’s largest TV production company helps me to understand what our clients need for film, sound and photography sessions and makes their experience in our studios smooth and well supported. I have also run large events here including for the Brighton Fringe and we are planning new workshops and support sessions.

Louise Seedhouse: Site Manager and Accounts Support

I run The Werks and Westwerks in Hove and provide a lot of general support for admin, ICT and accounts. The buildings I run have a lot of special people in them and my experience in retail and administration has helped a lot on being able to support them and deliver a good service and run events where everyone meets up.
Previously I have been trained in IT and been webmaster to another organization and this experience is also helping The Werks Group to develop.

Andy Frape: Maintenance Manager

Having been in the building industry for over 30 years there is almost nothing which I can’t build, fix or put back together.
I have been with BMC and The Werks Group since it started in 1992, and there were times I had to be inventive when budgets were stretched. I love my work because we have a great team and great clients who appreciate what we do for them: no two days are ever the same!
Sport is my passion, but football is my favourite.

Harley Rees-Avery: Maintenance Apprentice

With qualifications in construction, IT and security I am pleased I have been able to help expand The Werks Group maintenance team. We do anything from building walls, plumbing, glazing  and decoration to…. removing walls, and recently clearing years accumulation of junk!

Ellie Blackmore: Administration & Finance Apprentice

With my skills and qualifications in IT, mathematics, statistics and admin I have been able to help strengthen The Werks Group admin team covering reception and accounts support.
My previous experience at Royal Mail and The Argus Leader gave me the confidence to support our clients and develop my skills even more. I am always enthusiastic in my work as every day is different at The Werks Group and I can see that I am learning more as we progress.

Jack Shoebridge: Administration Apprentice

I support reception, admin and events in three of our buildings. My previous experience in retail and office administration has given me the confidence to be able to support our clients effectively. I love meeting new people and learning new skills so that I can build on my experience and qualifications in IT, construction, business and mathematics.

Rachel Entwhistle: Site Manager at Coachwerks

As part of the Coachwerks community I am there to help it develop into a vibrant art and events space. I have several roles at Coachwerks, which include meeting and showing potential new artists around, booking workshops & general admin, caretaking of the building & studios, facilitating meetings and being the point of contact for tenants. I am also a resident artist and work in Coachwerks as a potter.

John Anderson: Maintenance and Technical

In addition to helping fix the roof, rebuilding and general maintenance of Coachwerks I also work in the tech co-working space.  Here I design instruments and devices for measuring things.  Two areas that I am currently working in involve the use of mobile phones to measure colour and using x-rays to measure the composition of powders.

Don Elwick: Building Consultant

I qualified in Psychology with a B. Sc., and went into teaching.  After some time I changed career, into the field of building restoration and conversion, working on large commercial and domestic contracts, specialising in remedial work. I ran my own building company, Brighton Building Services, and in 1996 I moved over to BMC, becoming the MD in 2000. I retired from this in 2013 to develop my own Psychotherapy practice part time. Along with this I also Project Manage building projects and maintenance for the growing Werk Hubs organisation.