Coach Werks was established as a combined arts and workshop space in 2008. Over the years, it has been home to dozens of artists and crafts-people, and the place itself has been through an almost endless cycle of change. With studio spaces being built, knocked down, and re-configured, a bar and brewery installed, a garden planted, a cafe and shop on their way, and much else besides, the building seems almost organic, forever changing, growing, dying back, growing once more.

NOW, slowly, the space is taking on a more permanent feel, with a real sense of direction and purpose. It is still a place where things are made, where art is perfected, craft is well-crafted, wood is worked and music is produced. But it is also now a hub for community activities, a venue for musicians and film-makers, a gallery for artists (resident and non-resident alike). It is a bike-repair hub, a cafe, a whole-food shop, a space to hold workshops, meetings, swap-shops and more.

The physical space reflects the interests and passions of the people who live and work here, but we also want it to reflect the interests of the wider community, and we invite anyone and everyone to offer suggestions as to what the space should be used for and how to continue with the apparently never-quite-ending process of renovation. Coach Werks is full of different makers spaces, from private studios to makers desk spaces, be sure to contact Rachel on to find out more information.

Any questions or enquires?
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