We are doing an incredible amount of building improvements in all of our buildings, but the one getting the most attention at the moment, is Werks Central in Middle Street.

The most important upgrade is brought to us by Fastnet through a government scheme we took advantage of towards the end of last year, which will see our broadband connection upgraded from the current 100mb to 1GB!  We believe this will make us the only serviced office building in Brighton to offer a super fast broadband connection!  Not only do we get a new fibre connection, the upgrade comes with an entire new structured cabling system throughout the building, which is being carried out by CNC Cabling who have been brilliant! It is a daunting task of re-wiring an empty building, but here they have the added challenge of working around our clients.  We salute you!

Our windows were in a shocking state, most of them unable to open without a length of wood to prop them up, but thankfully, they are now being replaced by Shaws of Brighton

Next on the agenda are the toilets and kitchens.

Towards April we plan to have a new coworking area on the ground floor which will extend to a coffee shop and new meeting room areas, making our building a lot more accessible to the general public.

Once we have photos to show, we will share them on our social media pages.